Workshop with making paper from upcycled materials with Future Crafts Project hosted at AkeruE (Panasonic Creative Center). How can we make DIY craft with upcycled waste more appealing to children?

In the workshop, we taught children how to upcycle coffee grounds to make paper. Although coffee grounds are not ideal for making paper, the process showed us the perception and challenges of upcycling. When given a pre-prepared mixture of coffee grounds and recycled paper, children were hesitant with the process. However, when given the original materials and involving them in the DIY process, children were intrigued and enthusiastic. Findings from this workshop were used to inform the design of PlastiCraft.

→ Summer 2023 (2 weeks)

Future Crafts Project, AkeruE (Panasonic Creative Museum)

→ Instructors: Junichi Yamaoka

→ Collaborators: Hikaru Osuga, Yoyo Yang